An Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that instantly bumps revenue by 35%

I lost my mind when I saw the impact we could have by releasing software.

A small piece of code I’d written – in a moment of frustration – to solve an issue where half my website’s sales were being dumped down the drain.

I didn’t think it was important to anyone else, it was a DIY, handmade solution to a problem I was having.

After hearing about it, friends asked for copies, then told me they’d sent it to their friends, and eventually I clued in that this was a real problem people were having.

If you’re an Amazon affiliate, you’re likely sending all website traffic to but x% of your traffic is coming from Canada (, UK (, India (, etc.

This extremely light plugin sets up simple redirects within WordPress so that when a UK visitor clicks an Amazon affiliate link they get redirected to their local Amazon site (USA, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, India, and UK/Europe respectively).

Uncover unlimited Instagram prospecting opportunities at the click of a button

Small businesses that rely on Instagram for social marketing campaigns didn’t have any tools on the market to automate their jobs, costing business owners thousands of dollars in resources. This clean little Chrome extension allows you to bulk grab the profiles of anyone who’s posted to any hashtag you choose at the click of a button.

A spreadsheet which spoon feeds prospects to your sales team

If your online service business relies on finding new prospects (most do), this simple software solution allowed us to scale from nothing to our first 100 clients.

If ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, then ‘a spreadsheet is worth a thousand hours’.

Implement this spreadsheet and take the guesswork out of your sales team’s day by delivering an infinite about of prospects to them, daily.

Need a website or an app developed?

Great – We’d love to build it for you!

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