In 1996, at age 12, I sold my first website. It wasn’t until 2005 I made it my full-time career and 2007 before someone would hire me.

In the professional setting, I quickly identified the strategy in building websites and applications in the pursuit of the user (the dollar).

Before long I’d launched a few Amazon Affiliate websites, and seen moderate success – the idea is your blog posts mention and link to products on Amazon and get paid 4–10% per sale.

For example, if you hock $100 drills at a 6% affiliate fee to a meagre 20,000 visitors per month, convert them around 12% and you take home a clean $14,000+ per month 💵🤑. As time went on, friends were asking how to do it and under my guidance were able to launch their own successful businesses.

Before long I found myself explaining – and re-explaining, and re-explaining – the basic building blocks of successful online marketing:

  • Evergreen email funnels & Auto-Responders
  • Webinars – how to run them? how to prospect and/or make money off them?
  • Social media posts – how often? when and where? what to post?
  • Prospecting – where to find a well of prospects, how to get info on prospects via social media, etc.
  • Link Building – how to amplify your search rankings, your audience research, email list, and authority in your industry
  • Google Dorking – how to use search operators in Google to get the results you need, every time.

The truth is a lot of companies are clueless when it comes to online marketing and a lot of consultants are even worse. Things I took for granted and assumed all businesses were doing were missing from a large percentage of the businesses who were asking us to help them get ahead – where to begin? The digital revolution hit and  and let’s just say when the tide’s out, it’s easy to see who’s been swimming naked.

This organic trajectory of helping people and seeing them succeed is what’s brought us to Client Coffee, launched in 2014 and going strong in 2018. We’d love for you to join us.

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