Hey there, you’re speaking with Chris Mewhort, the head honcho of Client Coffee, a search marketing agency for the modern web.

In 1996 – at age 12 – I sold my first website. It wasn’t until 2005 that I made it my full-time career, and after a few name changes, Client Coffee was born.

Client Coffee’s birth marked the first time I grew from being a freelancer building websites, to a search engine specialist with a team working alongside me.

We focus on the basic building blocks of successful online marketing:

  • Evergreen email funnels & Auto-Responders – I strongly recommend businesses re-imagine their email campaigns as evergreen content campaigns, that don’t talk about products, services, or sales.
  • Webinars – Zoom, Google Meet, Skype… These products are quickly replacing the modern coffee shop, the modern water cooler, heck, even the Christmas Eve fireplace hang out. Look to harness the opportunity in running weekly webinars, and to make money off them!
  • Social media posts – How often are you posting, and what are you posting? Are you blasting the same message to multiple accounts, at the same time? What happens after that? Are your various social media accounts linked 🤢? Are you tracking links? Testing post days & times?
  • Prospecting – Figure out where you’re currently generating prospects. We endorse a framework of (1) generating content, that receives (2) traffic, that (3) generates prospects/leads/interested followers, who eventually become (4) a customer or client. Create multiple channels with the above formula and you become bulletproof
  • Link Building – Learn how to amplify the content you’re generating to naturally game algorithms. It’s all about knowing your audience, having a solid email list, and being authority in your industry
  • BONUS: Google Dorking – To become a super asset, learn to harness Google’s full potential by digging into their ‘search operators’ and learning to nail ultra-specific results needed for all aspects of business and your personal life

The truth is a lot of companies are clueless when it comes to online marketing and a lot of consultants are even worse. Things I took for granted and assumed all businesses were doing were missing from a large percentage of the businesses who were asking us to help them get ahead – where to begin? The digital revolution hit and let’s just say when the tide’s out, it’s easy to see who’s been swimming naked.

Over time, we honed in on the idea of growing a business online through organic traffic (meaning they’re coming to you, you’re not paying for them through ads). I love the idea of appealing to search engines, because it rewards businesses with long-term thinking, who want to be around for decades, not a year or two.

The same people who want to have their business in 30, 40, 50, 100 years, are the same ones who see instant value in what we bring to the table.

This career trajectory of being able to help people grow their business by growing their business, instead of through ads has driven our team for the last 7 years and will continue into the future.

We love our clients, and love to meet and interact with awesome people doing amazing things. We fit in well with your existing team, and look to build long-lasting friendships with you and your business.

Want to come along for the ride?

Want to be our next amazing client?

Great – We’d love to have you along for the ride!

To get started, we’d first set up a consultation call to hear from you about what you’re looking for support on, and learn more about your business.