Ranking YouTube Videos With Related Videos

A few days ago, I stumbled into a YouTube hack that Vanessa Van Edwards has used to get more eyeballs on her videos, and more clients knocking down her door for business, by forcing YouTube to show her videos to people to viewers. It’s simple, free, takes very little time, and sounds like it gets amazing results.


Learn How Vanessa’s Been Ranking On YouTube By Targeting Her Videos As Other Account’s ‘Related Videos’

If you’re on an old computer or phone that doesn’t automatically skip you there (a) buy a new computer, you’re a decade out of date and (b) skip to the 5:11 mark.


So what’s she doing here? In her own words:

“I’d go to a TEDx talk by… umm… Simon Sinek… on Leadership… and then I would create a video called ‘The Body Language of Leadership’ and then I would add Simon Sinek’s and my video to the same playlist called ‘Leadership’, and then I would take all the videos that were being recommended after Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, and put them also on my playlist… so that people began to see my video popping up in the [related videos]”

So the basic squeeze is that you take a video you want to rank alongside, then put it and the videos it plays as Related Videos.

I love it. Super simple, super logical, and plays to the power of social signalling as a ranking factor, which is something we’ve been championing for a long time.

Now go rank some YouTube videos as a related video!

Have you used this tactic or one like it? If not, do you plan to?